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John B Vallely

John B. Vallely (b1941)
John B. Vallely was born in Co. Armagh in 1941. In his youth he attended St. Patrick's College and Christian Brother's Grammar School. From 1959 to 1961 he attended Belfast College of Art, he then went to Edinburgh College of Art where he had the distinction of being awarded three scholarships, enabling him to tour extensively visiting France, Italy, Spain, Morocco and Algeria.
He has worked as a professional artist since leaving art college, initially for one year in Edinburgh and since 1966 from studios in Armagh. Since the early 1980's he has held many one-person exhibitions throughout Ireland and he has also had several joint exhibitions.
In 1997 he had a solo show in Carrickfergus and at Queen's University, during the Queen's Festival, plus thirteen group shows. Vallely's work is in the collections of the Ulster Museum; University of Limerick; Armagh County Museum and also in Queen's University and the Southern Education and Library Board, Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland and Edinburgh College of Art. Most important private collections in Ireland and further afield would have at least one Vallely picture.
We at Riverview are great admirers of Vallely's work, the Vallely family are steeped in traditional Irish music and this is reflected in the pictures, the movement, colour, texture of the paint is all beautifully executed. Looking at some of Vallely's "Music Session" group pictures you can almost hear the music being played, we believe that John B. Vallely is an artist with exceptional talent and with the passage of time will be rated with the finest Irish artists.

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