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Eddie Mooney

Eddie Mooney ARHA. As a NCAD night student it is said that Maurice McGonigal, then head of painting, related more to him than to many of the day students, as "they took it more seriously. "This will be the first time in many years for Eddie to exhibit 11 paintings. Utilising a mix of carefully constructed linear spaces, populated by broad areas of colour and a fair dose of humour and anxiety, the works are mostly figurative, including some which feature kooky cats and dogs. These imagined city scenes relate to an urban vision and "could be anywhere in the world,Hong Kong or New York. " From his exhibtion in the Peppercanister Gallery (2-28 September 2013)

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Children in play ground

Children in play ground

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Art Description

Title: Children in play ground
Artist: Eddie Mooney
Size: 18" X 14"
Price: POA
For sale

Children in play ground