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Robert Ballagh

Robert Ballagh (b.1943)
Roderic Knowles has written of the artist: "[Ballagh is] recognised for his imaginative and hyperealistic renderings of well known literary, historical or establishment figures ... He represented Ireland at the Paris Biennale 1969 and soon became one of Ireland's most reputed painters. In the evolution of his art, in moving from abstraction to figuration, 'he introduced the figure first as a silhouette or 'cut-out', then as a painted figure (as in his pastiches of Goya, Delacroix, Poussin or Ingres) heavily outlined', Cyril Barrett writes ... Other features of his work should be noted: his social commitment, which shows itself in his humour and wit, parody and pastiche and social comment, and his quite shameless literary and artistic allusions" (Roderic Knowles, Contemporary Irish Art: A Documentation, Wolfhound Press, Dublin, 1982, p.216).

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Portrait of Louis LeBrocquy

Portrait of Louis LeBrocquy

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Art Description

Title: Portrait of Louis Le Brocquy
Artist: Robert Ballagh
Size: 30" X 36"
Price: POA

Portrait of Louis LeBrocquy