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Lady Hazel Lavery nee Martyn

Lady Hazel Lavery nee Martyn (1880-1935)
In 1909 Lavery married Hazel Martyn (1887 - 1935) Born in Chicago, Hazel Martyn was the daughter of Edward Jenner Martyn, a wealthy industrialist of Anglo-Irish extraction. She was an Irish-American known for her beauty and poise, She had one daughter, Alice (Mrs. Jack McEnery). Hazel Lavery was to figure in more than 400 of her husband's paintings. The sumptuous The Artist's Studio: Lady Lavery with her Daughter Alice and Step-Daughter Eileen, currently is in the National Gallery of Ireland.
Hazel Lavery modelled for the allegorical figure of Ireland he painted on commission from the Irish government, reproduced on Irish banknotes from 1928 until 1975 and then as a watermark until the introduction of the Euro in 2002. The Laverys marriage was tempestuous, and Lady Lavery is reputed to have had affairs with Kevin O'Higgins and Michael Collins, the Irish revolutionary leader; the latter died with a letter to her in his pocket. After Collins's death, Lady Lavery wore widow's weeds and tried to throw herself into his grave at the funeral.

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