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John Noel Smith

Internationally acclaimed abstract painter John Noel Smith. Born in Dublin in 1952, he studied at the Dun Laoghaire School of Art before leaving Ireland to undertake post graduate studies in Berlin in 1980. He lived in Berlin for twenty two years before returning to Ireland to live and work.

His texturally beautiful, often large scale canvases incorporate areas of vibrant colour and simple, clear forms. Medb Ruane commented on his work thusly;

'It's a serious business, this making of painting after painting, this singular activity that refuses the lure of mass production. The very precision of Smith's technique - the painstaking process using oils to squeeze laconic greens and pinks from blackest black welds geometry to human hands, to an age-old way of working hands-on, line upon line, mark upon mark.

You can't look at a painting forever. We speak more about the memory of a painting than about the painting itself when we talk about art. What impresses about this intense and skilful work is not always what we remember first. What lasts is the sense of desire.'

This exhibition of new work continues on the artist's United Field Series. John Noel Smith has exhibited extensively both at home and abroad, and in 2002 was the subject of a mid-career retrospective exhibition,'John Noel Smith - A Survey Exhibition 1992- 2002', at the Gallagher Gallery, R.H.A., Dublin. He is a member of Aosdana.

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Ogham Series 2007

Ogham Series 2007

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Art Description

Title: Ogham Series 2007
Artist: John Noel Smith
Size: 7" X 8"
Price: POA
For sale

Ogham Series 2007