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Henry C O'Donnell

Henry C. O'Donnell was born in India in 1900. He was the son of Dr, Thomas O'Donnell Chief Medical Officer in Kolar, Southern India of Cashel, Co Tipperary.

After returning home he was schooled at CUS in Dublin and then Clongoes in Co Kildare.

His art education last about eight years. After the Dublin Metropolitan School he moved to London were studied at St John's wood and then the Westminster Art School under the well know Walter Bayes.

He exhibited in the Belfast Musuem and Art Gallery in 1927 and other gallerys and events over 28, 29, 30 and 1931.

In 1932 he exhibited in the Royal Society of British Artist. In 1934 he presented "The farm gate" at the Royal Academy. Also in 34 he recieved a letter from Shell-Mex and B.P to state that his design for them "The Liffey, Dublin" had been choosen to be displayed on their lorries.

Over the next few years he displayed works at the Dublins Painters Gallery, the Royal Hibernian Academy and the Paris salon.

Henry was called to serve in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War were he did technical drawings for the Halifax bombers.

Again he presented works at the Dublin Painter Gallery, RHA and Hackett Galleries in New York.

Before his death in Dublin on the 18th of November 1992 he travelled the world extensively.

In 1994 the Gorry Gallery in Dublin had a Retrospective Exibition of 36 examples of his works.

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West of Ireland Landscape, Scene Three

West of Ireland Landscape, Scene Three

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Art Description

Title: West of Ireland landscape, scene three
Artist: Henry C O'Donnell
Size: 20" X 16"
Price: POA
For sale

Seascape, Bull Island, Dublin
Horse and Rider, West of Ireland
Town Beach, Liguila, Italy
Dune, Perthshire, Scotland
West of Ireland Landscape ,Scene One
Roman Bridge, Italy
Street Market and Town Square, Albensa, Italy
Vase With Flowers
Portrait of his Son
West of Ireland Landscape, Scene Two
Turf Cutting
Portrait of his Wife, Audrey Stevens
Flowers in a Vase
Caravans Under Trees
West of Ireland Fishermen With Currachs
Traveller's Camp
Mixed Media, Chosen to be Studio Stamp
West of Ireland Landscape, Scene Three
Young Girl on Pony
Carribeen Women and Headscarf
Albinga, Collecting Gravel
Albinga, Cart and Horse, Scene Two
Albinga, Cart and Horse, Scene One
Albinga, Sunny Afternoon
Albinga, Sunny Day
Clown and Skull
Dunbartownshire, 1939